There are many toxins in our environment.

Now, I’m not referring to chemical toxins. I’m talking about the interpersonal ones.

You know who I mean:

– the bully boss
– the cranky colleague
– the pessimistic client

Hey, maybe you’re one of them!

We can easily get drawn into the negative influences of the naysayers and downers around us. But it doesn’t need to be that way, and I’ve never seen a law that states you MUST put up with it.

Action – Here’s how to manage or eliminate the personal toxins in your life.

  • Set firm boundaries. If you’re not sure how, learn.
  • Verbal insults are non-negotiable. If any are thrown at you, walk away … immediately, no matter who it is.
  • If you notice someone becomes MORE negative in certain situations, consciously avoid those.
  • Stop waiting for the other person to change their ways. Life is too short and it may never happen.
  • Look for the good stuff. Don’t let bad behavior go without consequences, but take stock of the good in the other person too.

There’s no need to stick around to play in their mud. Get out – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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