I can almost guarantee that you spend way too much time at work. I know this because, these days, if you’re a go-getting professional in any industry, you probably believe that coming in early and/or staying late is the answer to getting ahead.

Well, if that’s you, I’m going to have to disagree with you!

Because if, on a regular basis, you are spending more than 9 hours at work, your business or career is driving you instead of you driving it.

Yes, many of us get great enjoyment from our work. Some even get a good chunk of their identity from what they do. But all that being said, it is STILL work.

Few people lie on their death bed regretting how much is still on their desk!

The most successful people I know, whether employees or business owners, balance their lives – mind, body and spirit get equal attention.

Action – Where are you out of touch with what balances you? What needs to stop happening for you to start giving to all the areas of your life?

It’s time to drive your business or career, not the other way around!

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