Knowledge is learning something new every day. Wisdom is letting something go everyday.

Have you ever notice how WISE older folks are?

They aren’t bothered by political correctness or so-called etiquette. They state their opinion without apology and do what they choose, not ‘should’. Most generally have a presence of calm and an almost knowing sympathy for the younger generation.

Yes, older folks still actively seeking new knowledge but they do so with an air of excitement and pleasure, not out of a fear of being stupid.

A consultant friend of mine recently pulled her boss aside and gave him some insight into the ineffective habits of another manager the younger people in the office wouldn’t broach with him. She’s only in her 50s but she said to me: I’ve been around long enough to not put up with that childish nonsense!

Action – How much do you hang on to that really is old news? What attitudes or actions do you now need to wise up to and let go of? What ‘shoulds’ run your life?

Acquiring knowledge is a wonderful lifelong activity. And releasing your wisdom by letting go of what no longer works is a lifelong necessity!

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