I recently had a big blow-out with my hubby. A friend who was listening to my rants afterwards asked “what is the difference between your expectations and your reality?”

Bang! She nailed the situation in one breath!

Despite my own training, awareness and personal development, I was way too close to the situation to see what was going on with me.

Being newly married, I was filled with fairytale romance and honeymoon ideals. Though my marriage is fantastic, any major life transition has adjustments, new decisions and evolved identity issues to work through.

What we secretly expect is often different than what is going on. And THAT is the reality of change. Period.

Action – There are 2 main points I want you to really get.

First, your current discomfort in a given situation occurs because there is a discrepancy between your expectations of it and the reality. Work it out.

Second, someone near to you right now may very well have powerful questions you either cannot or will not ask yourself. Seek their insights.

By working with both these points, you will find transitions and major life events that much easier to navigate.

PS – The 2 points also apply to business development. You may be too close to see what is working or not working AND someone near to you can see – get their insight!

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