No one has ever achieved big things by thinking small.

If your thoughts are staying small, so too are your accomplishments.

The truth is that you’re actually more likely to make big things happen rather than small things. But that will only happen if you open up your thoughts, dreams and ambitions. And I’m talking about really wide open!

I’m referring to more than big money or a mansion in the hills. I’m thinking about the goals that also help you feel valuable, respected and integral to the lives of those around you.

Action – What’s one goal you are working toward right now? If you were to make that bigger, what would you change?

If this exercise seems frightening or intimidating, just make the goal slightly bigger. I would rather you aim for the stars and hit the moon than aim for the moon and barely make it off the launching pad!

    4 replies to "On Being Big"

    • hebe Li

      Sometimes We’re afraid to think big, and let other people know that. That’s because we are afraid of failure, and to be laughed at.

    • Pavan J.


      My thoughts exactly, reiterated.
      Said ideas are a part of my intellect since my growing days, I have often said I am a proud Canadian. A big country. Natural for me to think big.

      The daily grind dilutes … good to be reminded of who I really think I am.

    • Erendira

      One of the reasons I decided to change Company was because non of the goals I had were accepted by my old bosses, they said they didnt have the tools or they saw it to far away to achieve. Now that I am at Colliers I´m receiving the same kind of respond. I am always thinking big and for me it is easy, with work, work plan, action plan, and consistency. I have a smell or intuition for good business, the proof recently clients from my old Company are saying today I made them gain up to 40%-50% of benefits.

      • Erendira

        …and I forgot to clarify it´s my responsability no one else, who decide what big goals to achieve.

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