I believe we all need to be a little more random.

Yes, randomness does scare most people – especially those in business.

Yet, randomness actually plays a major part in our lives because there is universal order in randomness.

When you allow some things to happen by chance, you will feel a sense of calm and ease. You are less likely to think opportunities pass you by because you know that unpredictability always brings possibility. There is comfort in occasionally relaxing and allowing things to unfold.

Action – Write out six tasks you could do today and number them one to six. Roll a die and let it randomly land on a number – that becomes the first task to do from your list.

Notice how you feel, what you think and what you create as a result of allowing randomness to take over for a while.

    6 replies to "Rolling The Dice Works"

    • Roxie

      I agree. I believe that we try to live a life that is too structured and many times this creates stress and undue pressure. Random acts allows for creative moments.

      • Jo-Ann

        LOVE IT! let universe energy take the lead. Relax the logical mind and trust the process. Things fall into place as part of the master plan. Takes lots of courage to do this; letting go of control 🙂

        • Nancy Morris

          It is definitely courageous. And lots of fun sometimes too!

    • Kate

      Competing priorities, multiple masters – ” blaming the dice” sounds like fun for a day, but how to incorporate the principle into ongoing practice when there are so many competing “customers”?

      • Nancy Morris

        Great question Kate because we all have tasks, activities and people vying for our attention. And my answer comes from those days when I feel most overwhelmed by it.

        It quite literally is to follow the action step suggested. I find it works best exactly when feelings of being pulled in many directions are quite strong.

        Write out six possible tasks and then, as you shake the dice just before you roll them, think about what you see on the list (for example, what is the worst number you could roll right now, the best, and so on). You may find that certain things become obvious.

        In the obvious, that comes from the random, next steps become clear (or at least clearer).

    • Constance

      I am going to use this tonight, to get my household tasks done. It is so often an overwhelming list, that I give up before I’ve even begun.
      I am picking six and plucking them out of a hat. We’ll see! thanks for the cool idea!

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