I love seeking out new opportunities every day. Yet, its one thing to look for opportunities and quite another to look for challenges!

The balance of life is simple – things go up and down, they’re good and bad, they go left and right. But to consciously look for challenges will put you in a league where very few have the courage to go.

Yes, no matter what, you can overcome most challenges.

Action – Tomorrow morning, when you get up, ask yourself what challenges you might face and also ask what you’re prepared to do to work through them.

Here was my list this morning:

  • To get work done I’ve procrastinated about, I’ll do it first
  • To make those 15 cold calls, I’ll get out of my own ego before picking up the phone
  • To help my self-esteem grow, I’ll speak my truth in every conversation

What will you put on your list?

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