You may be feeling like you’re running out of time!

However, the lack of something, including time, is never the problem. It’s the symptom of the problem. So what’s your real problem? The one that’s causing a lack of time.

Usually, a lack of time indicates a basic problem of setting priorities. Most of us spend lots of time doing lots of things, but those activities may not be connected to our priorities, and sometimes they are “just things you need to do”!

But you can’t set priorities if you don’t know why you’re doing things.

Action – So write down your top three goals for the month. Then figure out what actions you must take to achieve those goals. Then, set your schedule to persistently, consistently take those actions every day.

Set your goals, determine your priorities and then focus your time on making them happen!

    2 replies to "Is The Clock Winding Down?"

    • Vaibhav K.

      That is good Nancy.
      What works with me 95% is when I jot down every morning what all is going on in my mind or rather bothering me – Official and Personal. This diary is open on my desk for the day and I keep ticking wahtever is been done and 95% of the time it works well and I hav e a satisfied day. The day I miss making this quick list or something drastic / diversion happens my priorties and day goes for a toss.


    • Noopur

      It sounds simplistic but is actually very profound. Will require some discipline initially, but can be done. This same principle of having monthly goals can be further cascaded down to daily mini-goals. I really like the way you clinch the essence of every dilemma/conflict and suggest ways to turn it on its head. Thanks, Nancy for your insights!

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