Why don’t people ask for help? It seems there are two primary reasons.

First, many feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness. We’re afraid people will think less of us if we do anything other than show complete confidence and absolute competence in everything we do, every single time.

Second, we don’t like to hear the word “no.” You may have said it yourself when a request for help came in. But I’ll bet that if the request had been specific enough, and you knew exactly what was being asked of you, some of those NO’s would have been a YES.

Action – So, when you need help, ignore your ego and specifically detail your request. Give the other person lots of information so they can be fully informed.

You may still feel a little embarrassed and they may still say “no” but if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no”.

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    • virginia

      I have found over the years that when I ask for help I usually gain more than I asked for, especially when I was new to the work force. People love to help each other out and in turn I love to now share my hard earned knowledge with those who are new to the job market. There is always those who feel that if they share knowledge or help you out then you would take their job. We are put on this earth to help one another.

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