Some days nothing works out. You know what I mean – schedules get messed up, your computer chews up your latest file … everything is a struggle.

Yet on other days, everything flows. Unexpected checks arrive in the mail, all your meetings are productive, and all the lights are green on the way home. You can’t stop smiling and your energy is high.

What’s the difference between the two days?

You are.

To put it simply, everything happening externally is a reflection of everything happening internally. This means the good days and the bad days are sending out messages – and maybe you’re not hearing what the bad days are telling you.

Action – Write out the details of a recent “bad day.” Look for common themes, like over-committing your time, or multi-tasking, or letting yourself get distracted.

If you know how you create the bad days, it’s easier to create the good ones!

    4 replies to "Having A Bad Day?"

    • S. Swamy

      Wow ! This message has made me to jump out and say now i know where is real concern when I face good or bad day. So now I shall be more energized and organized to face the coming days

      • Sachin

        Trust me Swamy. I have tried that way too nothing much change. but still try your luck it might help?

    • Sharon

      For me it’s not about making bad days good or trying out luck . . . For me its trying to go with the flow. I remember having one of those ridiculous days where everything I turned my hand to seemed to ‘go wrong’. My lovely pops said ‘Sit down kid, this is life’s way of slowing you down’ As so often he was right – I was certainly wearing my superhero teeshirt that day – trying to be all things to all people. So I sat down, stopped and had some tea with him. He has passed on now and I might have missed the moment – so precious now – if I hadn’t gone with the flow and allowed things to be as they were. Things got a lot easier right after too!! For me there is always something to learn from all experiences, even the tricky ones – it’s a matter of perspective and surrender even. The messages and lessons we need to hear are given to me everyday. Now am I going to listen . . .

      • Nancy Morris

        Yes, indeed, Sharon. Sometimes we have to slow down to hear the message, in all things.

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