I’m predicting that this period of history will be seen as the Entitlement Age where everyone thinks they deserve to get everything they want as soon as they want it.

But one thing I know for sure is that success only comes with persistent consistent action over time.

Do you want something? Then you have to work for it. It’s the attitudes and actions that you choose every moment of every day that create your success or failure. The magic pills or the get-rich-quick methods do nothing but empty your wallet.

If you start a new behavior today, don’t say tomorrow that “it didn’t work.” Patience and perseverance will win every time.

Action – Today, look at something you stopped pursuing because you lost patience. If it means anything to you, commit to doing what it takes over time to make it happen.

And stop waiting for that overnight success. It’s not coming!!

    4 replies to "Overnight Success?"

    • Vadym

      Great words! Thanks!

    • Virginia

      I would love to see every young person out there who feels defeated by life to read this and realize that only through hard work will you see the fruit of your labor. This is a wonderful reminder of why it is best to stay the course.

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