I encourage people to keep a journal of their daily attitudes and actions. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand why this is so important.

So let me explain.

In the last 7 days, you’ve done thousands of things and had millions of thoughts. Yet, you won’t be able to recall many of them. But it is in the very space and time of 7 days that real learning occurs.

You see, to learn a hard skill, we repeat actions. But to learn a soft skill, we must interpret and analyze our actions, often repeatedly. And if we have no record of our thoughts associated with our actions each day, we significantly reduce and impair our chances for learning those soft skills.

Action – It’s as simple as talking a few minutes to write down 3 of your achievements, 3 obstacles, and any related thoughts or feelings. Every week or so, flip through the pages and discover all you’ve learned.

    2 replies to "Why Write It?"

    • Sunny

      Nancy – I know the value of my personal diary as a learning tool. A business diary makes just as much sense. Thanks for pointing this out. I’m going to do it.

      • Hansa

        I do agree. I am going to do it. Thanks Nancy

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