Success, however it is defined, comes from someone’s attitudes and actions. Through my presentations and coaching, I’ve discovered that some people do not fully understand the word “attitude” in this context, so let me explain…

First, an attitude is a feeling about something coming from an emotional place.

Second, an attitude is also thought-based. Think of it this way – in flight, the attitude is the plane’s position relative to where it’s going. In other words, it’s “angle of approach”.

For success, your feelings and thoughts must match, because both create your subsequent actions.

For example, you can feel motivated about a certain task – a “positive attitude.” But you can also be thinking about potential risks – a “negative attitude”. Both “attitudes” can be occur at the same time which often causes overwhelm and frustration.

Action – If you’re stuck on something, have an honest look at both your feelings AND your thoughts about it.

Check your attitudes!

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