There are 4 stages to any successful business strategy. While many folks are excellent at the first 2 stages, most are rubbish at the last two.

The first stage is when you’re thinking about what it is you want. You are birthing an idea. Most of us are fabulous at this.

Stage two is when we begin talking about our idea. We’re forming opinions and sharing our energy. Most importantly, we seek, and get, feedback. As many of us love to talk, we tend to excel here too.

Now, stage three is where we’ll start to stumble. This is the planning stage – when we give form and framework to our idea. But many people get bogged down with complicated plans or mismatched tactics.

And because of that, few actually move on to stage four – where we physically do something relevant to the plan. Poor planning leads to procrastination or wasted actions. But nothing will ever be achieved if action isn’t taken.

Action – Business, and personal, success comes from mastering all 4 stages. So, if you struggle with any of them, but particularly the last 2, get support, advice and guidance from others who already know how to make it happen.

I promise you – it’s not as difficult as you may think.

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