What is your plan for today?

(If you cannot answer that question, you may find yourself getting to the end of your workday wondering what happened! Please note – I’m not asking what’s on your to-do lists or what you’d like to get done. I want to know what the plan is.)

Here is my plan:

  • 8 a.m. check and manage emails
  • 9 a.m. client call
  • 10:30 Project A
  • 11:30 manage emails
  • 1pm client call
  • 2:30 writing project
  • 5pm final email check and leave for home

Notice I’m not micromanaging my schedule. Only my top priorities are listed. All other tasks and interruptions fit around these.

This plan moves projects forward, allows flexibility and accommodates my personal desire for spontaneity, all while giving me structure and measures.

Action – There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to planning, so arrange your day to focus on certain priorities while allowing for the inevitable distractions and fiddly bits that are a part of your specific personality and job requirements.

    2 replies to "Don’t Micromanage"

    • Alicia

      I too like a bit of spontaneity in my day. Nancy, your message is such a great reminder of remembering not to micromanage ourselves as doing so can create unnecessary strain and stress that could be avoided.

      • Nancy

        I get a certain sense of freedom in my day when I don’t micromanage everything. There is a level of trust needed – in oneself and our ability to make effective decisions as well as in the systems we use.

        Sometimes, the stress we feel is because we don’t trust.

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