Years ago, my mother gave me a book called ‘Games For the Super-Intelligent‘. Clearly, she had faith in me!

Unfortunately, I didn’t believe in myself at the time. And the book’s title put me off right from the beginning. I found myself struggling to come up with the answers.

I allowed myself to believe that I wasn’t “super-intelligent” and even if I was, all the games would be necessarily more complicated.

What I discovered is that “super-intelligence” is relative and more often than not, it’s demonstrated through simplicity rather than complexity.

As I have learned over the years, the less I thought hard about a solution, the more likely I was to find it.

Action – If you define an obstacle to your progress as a ‘challenge’, you make it more difficult to solve.

Don’t allow your blocks to be daunting and complicated. Treat the obstacle as simply a puzzle you CAN solve, and you’ll find the solution faster than you think!

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    • Jovan

      Good articule

    • Angie

      I appreciate reading this today.

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