Kim Basinger said that when she’s old, she’s “never going to regret a damn thing”. Are you going to be able to say that you came, you went and you did it all too?

I suspect there are things you’d like to do but for some reason you’re not allowing yourself to do them, or plan them, or even think about them.

And you probably have a whole range of “rational” reasons for not following your dreams, like no money, being too old, or having too many responsibilities.

Forget all that and let’s have some fun for a few minutes.

Action – Grab a pen, and start your 101-Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die list, sometimes known as a “bucket list”.

Start with 10 ideas today and keep the list nearby so you can add to it all this week. And I know you will automatically begin creating some of the events on the list.

Go on. Surprise yourself!

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