Do you know of a ‘Mr. R. Darby’? If you have heard of him before, you’ll remember him for his misfortune and some very bad decisions!

Mr. Darby and his uncle struck gold years ago in Colorado but the vein of gold soon disappeared. They sold everything to a junk dealer and left their dream behind.

The junk dealer called in a mining engineer who determined that Mr. Darby had stopped drilling just 3 feet from a huge deposit of gold.

That junk dealer made millions because he didn’t let his ego stop him from calling in an expert to help him determine what was possible.

Action – Whether you’ve given up just feet away from your dream or not, this may be the ideal time to call in an expert. The opinion of someone who has more expertise than you can accelerate your success or help you get out before spending too much money or time on a no-win situation.

    2 replies to "Just 3 Feet"

    • Fernando

      The story told here is very enlighting to someone like me, that tend to make emotional decisions, being that I have think to give up during these first months on my new endeauvors as Real Estate Consultant. I know it is not the same as receiving the pay check every month as in my previous positions as Finance Manager of companies. Is it time to call the expert to help me?

      • Virginia


        Never give up…I like the comfort of regular pay and I work very hard but to be brave enough to start a whole new job like you have is amazing, hang in there.

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