Small things can have big results.

I’d like you to pick a number between 1 and 5 right now…………………

Let’s say you picked the number 3. Now, that’s a pretty small number but let’s see what it can do:

If you delegated 3 tasks every work day, that would be 600 tasks over the course of the year that you didn’t have to do, freeing you up for other things!

Talking to 3 more potential clients every other day could lead to a huge jump in your sales.

By doing 3 special things for your spouse or partner this week, your relationship would be more intimate and loving.

And imagine how proud you would be doing 3 things this month you didn’t think you could!

Action – If you want big results, you don’t always have to do big things. Small things, added up, often create the big results you’re looking for.

Simply take consistent persistent actions over time to create what it is you want.

    4 replies to "Between 1 & 5"

    • Amanda

      Nancy, it is the point: small things have enormous impact in our success and, sometimes, we just forget about it… And, so important as being aware of this, is to celebrate when we really make these called ´´small things“. Fantastic and important tip to all of us!

    • Sunny

      Nancy, I’d like to pick 4 important things everyday

    • Laura

      I am realizing that the small bites of the bigger items make it possible. It’s when I look at the goal / item / issue as a whole that the feeling of overwhelm stops me from moving forward.

    • Aneta

      Sooo true and it is worth to remember 🙂 Even one small thing, systematically and what a difference 🙂

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