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How can someone work daily for months or even years on end, often focused on just one day’s outcome? To find out, all you need to do is ask an athlete.

And how can a business person translate what an athlete does into their own success?

Socrates had the answer when he said – Know Thyself.

A successful athlete develops more than just physical prowess. He or she works on understanding themselves. And self-awareness is key to identifying growth areas for both physical skills as well as psychological strengths and weaknesses.

With self-knowledge comes self-control. With self-control comes focus, determination and decisiveness.

Action – What do you need to do to develop your self-awareness? What can you start doing differently today to understand yourself?

Champions have self-awareness and self-control. So can you.

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    • Datta


    • Theresa W

      Sentence stems … I have recently been introduced to the work of Nathaniel Branden and his sentence stem completion method of self-discovery. Surprising things can come to the surface by letting you subconcious complete a few sentences each day. 🙂

      • Nancy Morris

        I totally agree Theresa, and Nathaniel Brandon’s work is excellent. I too use sentence stems in one of my client products – the “5 Minutes A Day” journal writing tool. Sentence stems are emailed to clients each day for a full year and they are used to kickstart at least 5 minutes of self-discovery journaling.

    • George P.

      Great athletes should also have a great responsibility as successful people and businesses. That is, to say and do the right things in public for the little guy to see and has someone to look up to, something to look forward to in a proud, meaningful and positive way.

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