Your Goal Getter™ Gang is your group of allies, like a personal cheering section, who support your goals and ambitions.

As a critical key to your success, your Gang needs to be made up of friends, family, colleagues and mentors who are positive and enthusiastic.

No doubt, you also have people in your life who drag you down. Cynics and nay-sayers who lay seeds of doubt.

You must actively decide who you will or won’t hang out with. No one is forcing you to engage in negative gossip or to put up with someone’s unsupportive attitude.

Action – Just as you deliberately designed your Goal Getter™ Gang, you must also decide who’s not supporting you and who you’re no longer going to associate with. You already know who brings you down. Don’t let them do it any more!

Surround yourself with positive people and the possibilities an enthusiastic attitude brings with it!

    5 replies to "Ditch The Cynics"

    • Vaibhav

      This is so true. One has to be very careful when in company with negative vibe people. Better to be quiet and observe.

    • Sachin

      I believe being just positive doesn’t work in real sense. As no body is Saint in this world. So a mix of positive and negative will balance you’re life, be it in office or home.. What say Nancy?

      • Nancy

        I totally agree, Sachin, that creating a balance in your life is important. However, I prefer to have people around me who know how to give ‘negative’ feedback (note the ‘ ‘ around the word) in a positive, constructive, helpful way. We all know those who have a “glass half empty” attitude, who tend to see the world in a dark way. Their energy can sap ours and it is those people who we want to spend a lot less time with. And that is our choice.

    • Jo-Ann

      When someone gives negative feedback it is a reflection of their own insecurities. What is important for me is to recognize my emotional reactions and let them go and strengthen my own trust.

    • Virginia

      I have always found it hard to be around negative people, I also don’t like the extremely, unrealistic happy people. Life is both positive and negative and a balance between them is the best place for me to “live”. I do agree that gossip can strongly effect those around us and try to avoid it all together.

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