There are times when I REALLY struggle to write my corporate audio program (from which these blog postings come).

The anxiety often comes when I fall into the “Numbers Trap”.

At the start of a writing session, I have a tendency to count how many clips I must create in order to be ready to go into the recording studio again. At the very least, to make the journey, time and money feasible, it needs to be a minimum of 20.

But if I am in any way cranky or distracted or feeling pressure from other parts of life, the number 20 LOOKS more like a 50, or sometimes even 100!

So, to get on track and on with the job, I use one of the oldest tricks in the book. I break the goal down.

It is much easier – in my mind at least – to write 5 clips than 20. It is easier still to just write 1.

Action – Whatever activity you’re procrastinating over, break it down, and then down again if necessary, to a point where the next step is a no-brainer. Then do that next step.

This technique, when done properly, works every single time!

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