I hope you have enjoyed the exercises and questions over the last few days.  Remember to leverage your learning by sharing your ideas, thoughts and awareness with someone who can help you achieve your goals in 2019.

Please note that if you have not read Part 1 or Part 2 of this series, Part 3 may not make much sense. Please go back and read them now.

Okay, from Friday’s exercise, I hope you have started to create your list of tolerations so that you can zap them on the head!  Yes, some will take more effort and time.  Yet others, like the wallpaper hanging down, the messy car, the unfinished conversations or arguments with others, can be halted as energy-drainers much faster.  You’ll be stunned at just how light you can feel by removing 25% of them!


Now, this is where we get to have a bit more fun!  Why is it more fun? Because we are in creation mode!  2019 is just about to start.  And it is carte blanche, a tabula rasa, waiting for us to draw, design, sketch out and deliberately color in our lives over the coming 12 months.

So, let’s look ahead.

Whoops, don’t want to lose you now!  I’m not actually talking about New Year Resolutions (which many folks will both start and stop in the next few days!).  Sounds counter-intuitive, but making New Year Resolutions is not the best way to have your best year yet!

What I’m referring to, again, is an opportunity to create.

And this is a simple exercise.  It is the sort of exercise that just screams ease, joy, fun, creativity.  Yet it simultaneously lines up our energy to all things positive and possible in the Universe.

Okay, this exercise is a two-parter.

For the first part, you will need those 3 x 5 cards.  Take out your list of tolerations from Friday’s exercise.  For each toleration that you’ve not yet gotten rid of, write it down on a separate card.  Remember, you wanted to remove 25% of these in the past couple of days but if you haven’t done so yet, put those 25% on the top of the pile. For the remaining 75%, I’m going to ask you to commit to zapping one toleration per week throughout 2019.  You may find that you zap a lot more per week, but shoot for at least one!

For the second part of the exercise, you will once again want to find some quiet space to ponder, dream and play.  This is where your imagination gets full permission to take over for a while. I also invite you to give this part of the exercise much more than 15 minutes if you can.

(If you happen to be south of the equator, just flip the following descriptions of the seasons around a bit!)

In this place of quiet and calm, cast your thoughts and energy forward into January and all the month may bring.  Now, move on to February and all the fun you could have.  How about March?  Will you be planning your summer holidays at the same time as relishing the last days of winter?

Now, we’re into April and you can smell spring in the air.  Through May, June and July – those lazy, hazy days of summer.  On into August (oh, the heat!) and September and rolling through autumn into October, November (oh, the cold) and into the joys of Christmas again in December.

Think about the friends you will see, the new adventures you will have, the family visits you will enjoy.  Imagine the feelings of success you will have at work, as you take command of your career and spread your wings even further.

Think of those quiet times that you will be on your own, contemplating and just enjoying who you are.  Sense how you will overcome challenges that appear.  Revel in the growth you will experience as you learn more about yourself and your world.  Feel joy and appreciation right down the tips of your toes for all that 2019 will bring into your life.

Let your imagination roll – it has tremendous power.

Cast your mind forward one year and, pretending it is the end of December 2019, write your answers to the following questions.  For the first 5, use a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 representing “definitely not” and 10 being “definitely yes” along with any additional comments you want to make:-

1.  Have I lived in a way that is consistent with my values in 2019?

2.  Have I taken great care of my mind, body and spirit throughout 2019?

3.  Have I achieved what I set out to achieve in 2019?

4.  Have I been deliberate in my actions?

5.  Have I taken control to move, shape, and design my environment myself?

6.  What worked really well in 2019?

7.  What actions did I take that served others?

8.  What am I most proud of?

9.  When I look back throughout 2019, what makes me smile?

10.  Who entered my life in 2019 that brings me joy?

11.  What did I do that I didn’t think I could do?

Your answers to these 11 questions bring forth your goals, plans, ideas, attitudes and achievements for 2019.

What actions do you need to take right now to be able to answer these questions the way you want this time next year?

What do you need to start doing?  Stop doing?  Do more of?

What’s the plan?

Write it down – make it happen.

If you would like any input, support or the occasional compassionate kick in the butt (or ‘but’ that gets in your way) to get you moving, just let me know! It’s what I’m famous for!

Now, you might be saying to yourself “is that it? Is that all she is giving me in the way of tools or ideas for planning 2019?”


Because this is all you actually need!

I’ve been studying what it takes to create success and achievement for over 25 years and one of the things I’ve come across that consistently stops people from getting where they want to go is their unnecessary need to (a) make things complicated and/or (b) look for a huge arsenal of tools, tricks and tips.

All you need you now have!

You have taken stock of 2018 and created a list of annoying things you are putting up with. Believe me, if you get rid of half of those tolerations over the next few weeks, you will create a 2019 that is filled – overflowing – with soooo much success and achievement, you will be running to my door to thank me!

And, as the icing on the cake, by answering questions 6 – 11 above, you will have proactively set your priorities, goals, targets and ambitions for a wonderful New Year.

It does not have to be any more complicated than this!

Just ask the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people who used this program exactly one year ago!

It’s your turn now. Create 2019 as your best year yet!

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