There are really 4 phases to the achievement of any goal. Knowing exactly where in this structure you fit will make it easier to move forward on your goals, or simply let them drop without guilt.

Phase 1 is when you are just thinking about something, giving it energy and birthing a possibility.

Phase 2 is the time when you are discussing the pros and cons of it, usually with someone else, or perhaps just with yourself.

Phase 3 is the planning phase, when you are moving from possibility to practicalities.

And the 4th phase is when you are actually acting on your plans, taking measurable steps that yield tangible results.

Now, you may race through the phases in a matter of minutes, or it could take much longer. As a coach, I really only work with those who are in phases 3 and 4, because that is where my Kickass attitude works the best.

The point to understand here is that you will not get real results, NONE, nil, nada, zippo, until you reach phase 4 and start acting on your goals.

– I suspect there is at least one of your goals somewhere between the thinking and planning phases. Unless you are willing to move it into phase 4, its time to let it go and move on to something else you are prepared to act on.

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