I’m going to tell you a little secret now. Pay attention because its an important one.

This little secret may actually change the way you look at the goals in your life.


Are you sure?

Because if you don’t follow this little secret, your path to great success will be filled with unforeseen obstacles, blocks and heavy boulders that get in the way.

Okay, read carefully.

Always, always, work FROM your goal, not TO it.

Again, work FROM your goal, not TO it.

This means getting your mind imaging what things will be like when the goal is achieved, and working back to today when you make your plan of action.

Let me tell you how to do that.

  • get real clarity on what your world will be like when the goal is achieved
  • taste, smell, hear, sense, see, know everything around you from that place of achievement
  • know how you will feel inside – in fact, allow yourself to actually feeeeel it!
  • feel those slaps on the back from family and friends
  • make decisions based on the confidence you feel from having ‘already’ done it
  • understand the choices that got you there

Action – Feel, see, understand this place every single day along your journey.

Here’s an example:

You’d like a bigger house that gives you and the family more room. What does this house look like? How big is the front yard? Back yard?

What do the flowers in the garden smell like? Do you have lots of trees that the birds like to sing in? Is it near the stores or further out in the burbs? Maybe its even way out in the countryside.

How does it feel as you walk through the front door? Do you feel relaxed or eager to get involved in your hobbies? Why?

Who are you inviting to the housewarming party? What needed to be finalized a month before the move in date? Two months? 3 months? What decisions did you make to make all this happen?

Do not just think about this. Write it all out. Show your brain you mean business!

As it is written out, you can see the pieces that need to come together, and the order in which they must come. You can create a plan of action that is almost in ‘hindsight’.

So much simpler than doing it the other way around!

Remember, work FROM your goal, not TO it.

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