This time next year, where will you be?

Action – Forgetting all current realities, cast your mind ahead to one year from now. Really let your imagination wander and choose one exciting and inspiring goal to focus on.

Next, decide where you need to be 11 months from now to reach that goal in 12 months.

Then, calculate the benchmark you need to reach in 10 months to be on track for that 11th month.

Then do the 9th month and so on, all the way back to one month from today.

Calculate what needs to happen over the next 3 weeks and over the next two weeks.

Finally, figure out what you need to do THIS week to be on track for this time next year.

This coming year will happen whether you plan it out or not. It’s always better to be in charge of your future, starting right now.

    3 replies to "A Year From Now"

    • Sharon

      I’ve started on a year long goal and have actually broken it down into daily and weekly benchmarks. It has made the prospect of acheiving the goal a whole lot more attractive – I really only have to do a little bit every day to get to where I need to be in a year and the actions I need to take to achieve that goal feel simple and easy. And yes, I am treating it like a project, the goal in mind, the daily target and the actions needed. A journey of a 1000 miles and all that eh. Hope all well with you.

    • Olivia

      Thank you for this reminder. I have numerous projects on the go at any time and often wonder how I will accomplish all I have set out to do. By implementing this new tool I will be able to focus my energy and observe firsthand how I can easily achieve my benchmarks.

    • Louise

      I agree, breaking the goal into bit sized pieces makes it seem more achievable.

      I have a lot of work projects on the go at once – and I can easily feel overwhelmed if my work goals aren’t broken down into smaller steps.

      It’s like building a house, you have a plan and you break it down into smaller stages.

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