Okay, so you said you were going to do X but you went off and did A, B and C instead.

Contradicting your plans is often a sign that your stated priorities are not aligned with what you really want.

Let me put this another way – when you say one thing but do another, you are likely caught up in a mass of contradictions. Either you don’t understand your primary values and priorities OR what you say you want is based on what society and other people think you ‘should’ want.

Either way, you are torn. Your actions don’t match your words. Words are coming out of your mouth, even with your best intentions, but you cannot or will not follow through.

Action – Stop kidding yourself. Either take the time to figure out what you really want from a given situation or relationship OR find the courage to state what you already know to be true even if it makes others uncomfortable.

Because, in the end, this going around in circles is making everyone dizzy!

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