I’m going to share with you a back to basics exercise that could, within days, free up a lot of your time and energy.

Between now and next week, you are finally going to get rid of a whole bunch of things that are annoying the heck out of you!!

All of us have things, situations or people we put up with. Stuff we tolerate. And each one of these sucks our energy, time and sometimes money. But with just a little thought, and some focused attention for a short period, you can get those things out of your way once and for all.

Action – Over the next 24 hours, list everything you are tolerating right now. Whether that is a tilted picture on the wall that catches the corner of your eye every time you see it, to a messy desk or room, to a bad relationship or unresolved conflict – just write them all down. You may only have a few things on your list or you may have dozens – I have seen both. It doesn’t matter, for now simply write down everything that’s bugging you.

Then, over the next 7 days, commit to doing whatever is needed to get those things out of your hair. Dedicate 4 hours on the weekend to finishing tasks around the house, allocate an hour a day at the office to handle the bits and pieces you’re fed up with, and make arrangements to have that unpleasant or overdue conversation.

I have seen people in all walks of life come away from this exercise with a renewed sense of motivation, courage and capability. I have watched as burdens are lifted and confidence increases.

And it is probably one of the simplest personal and professional development exercises there is!

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