Why would you spend another $50 on an unneeded accessory if you’ve just spent $500 on a suit?

In the psychology of influence, the reason is called the ‘perceptual contrast principle’.

When one item is presented after another, we’ll view the second as being more different than it really is. The contrast between the two is heightened.

In my example then, $50 seems reasonable because you’ve already spent $500. On its own, you would probably view it as expensive.

Politicians, salespeople and influencers of all kinds use the contrast principle to move you in the direction THEY want you to go.

Action – Yes, I share this information knowing that some people may use it to their advantage, but I’m also letting you know another way that your behaviors and opinions can be shaped by others.

Bringing awareness to your attitudes and actions can help you truly achieve success by YOUR definition.

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