Grab your to-do list right now. Which task has been sitting there the longest?

Oh, geez, don’t you just hate a question like that?!! A real guilt-getter that one!

But let’s REALLY look at that task.

Is the completion dependent upon input from others? Have you written down a task like ‘team report’ or ‘office restructure’ that actually involves a bunch of other people or departments? And are they simply sitting on their … responsibilities while you wait?

If so, that task should NOT be on your to-do list. Activities that involve others actually belong on a Project List. By their very nature, they to and fro and get delayed.

A to-do list, or Action List as I like to call it, includes only those activities you can complete on your own. Once all the actions are done, they can be crossed off or erased. If something has several pieces you need to act on, each piece is written on your list. An Action List is only for YOUR actions, not those of other people.

Action – Review your to-do list, split it into Project List and Action list. Projects involve others, and Actions are just you.

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