Do you know your ‘Prime Time’? Mine is between 8am and 11am. During those 3 hours, I am most able to deal with high level tasks – the kind that take thought, consideration and focus. I also know that during those few hours, I am far more decisive and action-oriented.

This is MY Prime Time.

Now, you may be saying “of course Nancy, its first thing in the morning; everyone is like that.”

But research actually contradicts this assumption. Some people are better able to concentrate in the evening, work faster in the afternoon or handle complex cognitive functions right after lunch at the same time that most of us want a nap!

Knowing what I know about both myself and the task I have at hand, I am able to schedule my actions in a far more productive way. And I don’t stress myself out by trying to force activities at the wrong time!

Action – I suspect you have a pretty good idea what your Prime Time is, yet I doubt you work to it.

Rejig your schedule to experiment over the next couple of weeks. Find out what best works for you and, as far as possible, arrange your activities around your natural rhythms.

Find your Prime Time and get it done faster and easier.

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