Napoleon Hill, author and success expert in the early 1900s, amassed a wealth of knowledge he shared through works such as Think and Grow Rich.

Hill never actually named what success was. Instead, he posited a number of ideas, one of which is what he called a ‘Definite Major Purpose’.

In other words, in what do you truly believe?

Bottom line, said Hill, was that 98% of people have no identified, named and firm beliefs, making success out of reach. Without belief, it is impossible to generate enough desire to stay the course, transcend obstacles and forge on with passion.

Action – In what do YOU truly believe? Where are your deepest desires directed?

If you’re not sure, have a look at your current results because they are the manifestation of your real beliefs.

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    • RS

      What you say resonates with what I have realized over the years – ‘current results are the manifestation of your real beliefs’. When we compare our results and crib about what we do not have, we often forget that we are what we truly believe in. And for any lasting change, we need to change our beliefs.

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