Do you suspect someone in your office is taking credit for your hard work? These underhanded tactics are common and annoying.

If you find yourself in the middle of this game, consider yourself among the many. Research shows that more and more employees are complaining to management that others are stealing their ideas, pointing blame on failures or setting their colleagues up as scapegoats.

The worst way to deal with this is by gossiping or bitching about it.

Action – Take matters into your own hands and take control back.

First, realize that, more often than not, the reason why someone uses dirty tricks is because they have little confidence in their own ability. No, that is not your problem but perhaps it will give you some compassion.

Second, detail your work in a journal. Keep track of what and when you do things. If necessary, detail matters with a paper trail of email.

Third, let your management know your situation, but don’t rely on them to solve it.

Fourth, arrange to meet with the other person. Tell them you are happy to share the glory or blame when it’s warranted but, in the meantime, you want them to respect your boundaries as you do theirs.

And fifth, learn to speak up if someone is talking out of turn.

If you won’t stand up on your own two feet, believe me, there are many who are more than happy to keep you down!