Sometimes we don’t actually know what we want in any given situation. Often, when I ask new 1-to-1 clients what they want, the first thing I hear is “I don’t know”.

Well, we often DO know but either cannot or will not admit it. Other times, we really don’t know what we want – because we are overwhelmed by what we don’t want!

And if you’re stuck, that’s as good a place as any to start.

Here, let me start a list of “don’t wants” for you:

I don’t want:

  • to work more than 9 hours a day
  • to get out of bed before 8am
  • to work with people who are negative
  • to go from paycheck to paycheck
  • to feel lonely
  • to live in a messy house
  • to be overweight

Action – After writing out your complete list of don’t wants, put it away. The next day, review it and then promptly throw it away. Now, write out 2 goals you are willing to pursue over the next month.

As you do this exercise monthly, you’ll gain a lot more clarity on what’s important and what you TRULY want to create in life.

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