Someone recently asked me how my warm and fuzzy musings had anything to do with creating success. He was looking for detailed, practical strategies (instead of the more philosophical or psychological information I provide).

Tools and techniques are fabulous, and I know hundreds of them, but they mean nothing unless used by someone who has intention, purpose and an awareness of themselves.

This is very apparent every time someone comes bounding out of one of those weekend warrior-type workshops. They’re excited and energized and then by Tuesday, everything has been forgotten.

Why? Because they are the same person this week as they were last week.

It is through being conscious to the person you are that makes it possible to create sustained success and abundance in your life. The warm fuzzy bits make it possible to utilize all the tools and tips in the long run.

Action – Fully engage with the softer side of your learning, however you choose to create it.

    3 replies to "Too Warm & Fuzzy?"

    • Constance

      self-awareness is KEY! thank you for the reminder 🙂

    • Necole

      Nancy, I’ve been getting your tips for years and sharing them with my staff. They work because they are simple and hit the root of the problem. Each of us and our actions. We create our own success.
      Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

    • LaVerne Planden

      Hi Nancy
      This has been my focus for the last year, on your advice. I have had to work hard on increasing my self awareness, a little at a time. I think it is finally paying off. I really appreciate all of your little reminders to do this with intention.

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