Nothing new had been happening in Bob’s life. Although we hadn’t spoken for 2 months, Bob said that everything was ‘same old same old’.

“Really?” I wondered. In all that time, everything had stayed the same?

Apparently so. Same clients, same friends, same evening activities and weekend chores. All his routines were intact and ticking along. Bob was content with this, albeit a little bored.

“There’s been no big opportunities,” he told me.

And therein lay the problem!

Creating success isn’t about waiting for extraordinary events to happen. Success doesn’t come from the massive deal or the huge outcome. True, sustainable success is created by those who turn everyday situations into big occasions. Those who seize moments, whether by starting a conversation with someone new or evolving an already existing relationship.

Opportunities can easily be disguised as failures or obstacles or concerns.

Action – Write out some “failure” from the last 24 hours. It could be a missed deadline, argument with your spouse or an incomplete project.

If you viewed that event as an opportunity, what could you do next?

Every day, you are given many opportunities to learn, grow or develop something special.

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