There are two motivators that get us taking action on goals. One motivator is to move toward something and the other is to move away from something.

Moving away from something involves fear. Whatever the fear, it helps you take action on goals. But it’s based on negatives and the journey is often a struggle.

Moving toward something is a powerful positive motivator. With the goal in sight, we feel prepared to address setbacks. We’re filled with confidence, anticipation and hope. Moving toward something comes when you understand a vision of your future.

Action – Look at one of your goals that seems to be challenging you. Ask yourself this question – by pursuing this goal, what am I moving away from?

Even though you may ultimately succeed by moving away from some fear, it is far easier and faster to rearrange the goal to work toward something else.

    3 replies to "Go To Success"

    • C A

      What about letting go and moving on? This seems like another valid choice.

      • Nancy

        Letting go is an action step for moving toward something else/new/preferred. “Moving on” is about making a positive choice for oneself when what was is no longer wanted.

    • virginia

      This is a very freeing thought, it gives you a better understanding that running away from something could mean you bring those problems with you but moving toward some other goal sounds like you have found solutions that you are ready to put into action. Letting go seems like the next logical step in the process and still requires a forward movement of thought and attitude. This is really good stuff.

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