I have just finished speaking at a large conference. For several days, this group of professionals had been learning all sorts of new techniques and strategies to improve their business outcomes.

Most presenters would say I had the most difficult time slot – last on the last day. At that time of an event, most of the audience want to be in the bar or heading for the airport!

But for me, it was perfect. And intentional.

One of my courses is in goal achievement. How often have you left a learning event all fired up but by Monday afternoon, most of your enthusiasm was gone? Phone calls, family commitment and clients distract us from leveraging what we have learned.

That’s why more and more conference organizers bring me in – to help their audience figure out how to take what they’ve learned and make it real in their life.

The only way to make learning stick is to consciously and actively set a goal to implement some new idea or tool into every day use. And the goal must be set up to succeed!

– Next time you go to a conference, attend a class or even read a book, the moment it’s done, set one goal for taking something you have learned forward.

Set a specific, measurable goal, plan your steps and get into action.

Common sense, I know, but most people don’t do it. Do you? Consistently?!

You must explicitly plan how to implement your learning. It doesn’t just happen all by itself.

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    • C A

      Good advice!!

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