I come across a lot of people who are getting ready to live, but never living!

Instead, they spend waaaay too much time talking about and planning their goals.

I’m an achievement specialist and I know the power of planning. But one way that many self-sabotage is by spending excess time in the set up stages of goal achievement. The only way to create success is to get started with actions!

Now, most people know this – so what stops them from actually taking concrete steps towards their goal? Well, fears, old memories, noise and making things complicated. All these lead to procrastination.

The best solution for busting procrastination is to break your plans down into tangible, measurable actions. Know your desired outcome, then focus your attention on the small steps needed to get you there. One at a time.

Action – What goal have you been putting off, waiting for the right moment or all the ducks to be lined up? Break it down into its smallest parts, even as small as simply opening up that book or opening a new document on your computer. Get moving and get results.

Achievement comes from attitude and action, not just thinking about things!

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