How would you rate your efforts in achieving your professional goals this month? If you answered anything less than “excellent”, you MUST review your activities today!

And it is imperative that you review your mindset too.

  • Do you think positively about yourself?
  • Are you optimistic about what you do?
  • Do you see opportunities every day?
  • How do you pursue or react to feedback?
  • Can you even recognize your own achievements?

I analyze my own performance every month. I used to be pretty harsh on myself, so I didn’t even want to show up to my own review! That is, until I began to recognize the possibilities and accomplishments I WAS creating.

Regardless of negatives, you must also identify the positives, because they WILL be there, guaranteed!

Action – You may need to upgrade some behaviors to create the results you’re after. AND pat yourself on the back for those things that ARE well done.

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