I talk a lot about the attitudes and actions needed for success. While the word ‘action’ is fairly self-explanatory, what do I mean by the word ‘attitude’?

The word attitude has 2 primary definitions. The first refers to our positive or negative feelings or emotions as they relate to a person, behavior or event. It is the emotional stance or belief we take on a particular issue.

Attitude also refers to the position of an aircraft relative to the horizon or its direction of motion. In other words, YOUR attitude is your current position and pace in relation to your goal.

Both definitions are relevant to success. And both feed off the other. For example, if you have a belief system that others are to blame for what is getting in your way right now, then it is likely your position in relation to your goal will feel far away.

Action – So, what IS your attitude about success? How about money? Or the company you work for? Your friends and family? Where do you see both your mental and physical positioning about any goals you may have right now?

Understand your attitudes – both your mental beliefs and where you are with your goals – and you’ll be able to create what you really want.

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