My Dad loved starting projects around the house. I remember a tool belt jammed with gadgets and gizmos.

The only problem with all this was that he managed to happily start every project but didn’t finish most of them. A half-painted fence and partially finished basement were evidence of his making choices to not follow through.

Most of us start our projects enthusiastically with the intention to get it all done. Well, intention means nothing!

Success at any endeavor comes from persistent consistent action over time. Without the determination to stay the course despite inevitable setbacks, it is likely you will rarely achieve your desired outcomes.

A great way to measure your own levels of persistence is to look around your desk. How many incomplete activities and unfinished projects are sitting there? Yes, some may need the input of others and you can’t control that, but many may be hanging around because you choose not to persistently take the actions needed.

Action – Be honest, look right now and evaluate where you are on those incompletes. What are the actions you’ve given up on or are procrastinating about? What needs to happen next? Are you willing to do it? If so, do it. If not, make a decision on what you’ll do about it.

Every incomplete project drains your energy. Persistently move forward or let it go, just decide!

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