That is never the question because the answer is always “debrief”.

After every presentation, workshop, seminar, keynote or lunch ‘n’ learn I give, I always take a few minutes to ‘debrief’ the work I have just completed. Few professionals do this on a regular basis, yet the 10 minutes spent pays off over and over again.

1.  What did I like about my communication seminar this morning?

  • It was a small group – just 13 people
  • We were in a small setting – more intimate and personal
  • Most actively played along with the task assigned
  • People were interacting with me and each other
  • It was very smooth – no significant interruptions even as breakfast was being served
  • Some had questions for me at the end – they were curious and eager to find out more

2.  What will I do next time?

  • Reconsider that 7:30am start!
  • If it is a larger group, split them up for the task
  • Pretty much exactly the same as I did this morning

See? Simple, positive, effective debriefing.

Action – Do you debrief after different tasks or activities to improve your performance and skill? If not, why not? If so, is it working for you?

It truly is easy (as shown above) and oh so valuable (as shown by the fact that I’ve been in business for almost 20 years doing exactly this debriefing process and improving my business results every time).


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