What do you think about the work you do?

You see, how you perceive it will dictate how you do it.

Do you feel dragged down and uninspired on a Monday morning? Do you wonder why you get stuck with boring projects? Have you asked yourself why it has to be so hard?

Or, do you find it exciting to have new opportunities every day, even if you have the same routine? Maybe you feel useful and appreciated simply because you are there. Or perhaps there is an energy of gratitude that fills you as you walk through the door.

I don’t work. At all. Ever. And I teach others exactly how to not work too!

Sure, I used to work – work hard for long hours with little personal or financial reward.

It’s only work, though, if you’d rather be doing something else.

Would you rather be doing something else right now? Really? What? Why? What would that new career or activity give you that this one doesn’t? Are you SURE you cannot get that from where you are, even by changing your outlook?

Action – If, after careful review, you decide that what you do is ‘work’, then put a plan into action to either discover or move to the ‘something else’.

Life is far too short to keep filling it with work!

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