My friend Frank is one of the richest people I know. Yet he and his family live paycheck to paycheck.

I know you’ve heard that living like this is not what rich people do. And you’ve heard all the cliches about how to attract money and abundance. Yet you probably still say things like “I’ll never be able to afford to buy that” or “that big mansion is simply excess”.

These statements reflect an attitude of poverty. You see, no matter how much money you have, wealth is always a state of mind.

Millionaires who focus on what they don’t have are poor. People who see abundance in their lives in many different ways are rich.

Action – Today, regardless of your bank balance or the latest bill, consciously choose to focus on the abundance in your life. Be confident that you can change the spotlight from what you don’t have to what you do have.

    8 replies to "Frank’s Money"

    • Subramanya

      For me, cannot start my work with out your motivational post ..and trust me i see a significant change in my attitude ever since i started receiving your mail. Thank you.

      • Nancy

        It’s been a pleasure to see your name in the community and your various comments always add to the conversation!

    • Steve

      right on Nancy. One of my clients has the saying that while I may not have everything, I know that the line in front of me is a lot shorter than the line in back of me. Basically, there is always someone out there that is in a worse position.

      • Nancy Morris

        I love that saying, Steve. Thanks for sharing. And I’d much rather be ‘broke’ than ‘poor’. Broke is a situation, poor is a mindset. This particular mindset shift, from poor to abundant, is one of the most important in life.

    • Howie

      Frank’s sense of wealth is priceless in dollar terms and eludes many of the most wealth individuals.

      • Nancy Morris

        You are absolutely right, Howie. If I had a dollar for every ‘wealthy’ person I met who was ‘poor’…. !!!!

    • Virginia

      This is the first email I open every day and I think about the content and context to my life. I have found many useful tips on changing the inside to improve the outside and I am thankful for the shared wisdom. I am very rich 🙂

    • Hilda

      My first appointment day after day is with your important posts. You have to know how different my way of thinking is since I start with this good practice. Thank you Nancy.

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