Ever notice how much we rush around?

We often get so incredibly busy because we’ve lost the awareness of ourselves. We try to fill the void with money, people, food or some other stimulant.

Instead of getting our sustenance from our own sense of purpose or integrity, we falsely buy into the notion that something outside ourselves will help us feel fulfilled.

Do you need to pay attention to your self right now? Do you even know what your needs are and how to satisfy them? Could you tell me or anyone else what inspires you, motivates you or makes you happy?

Action – Take time right now to send me an email. Let me know what you like, dislike, what drives your choices, and what makes you light up.

Or, share your insights with a friend or confidante.

Self-awareness is a fundamental key to life-long success and fulfillment.

    10 replies to "Rushin’ Around"

    • Craig

      Love family and baseball. Most choices driven by truth and common sense, at least I like to think that!
      My son, daughter-in-law and, especially, granddaughters make me light up.

      AND, it actually makes me feel better to put the above in writing.

      • Nancy

        Seems that the “makes me feel better to put the above in writing” is a lesson learned (or relearned) for you today Craig! 🙂

    • Claire

      I like spending time with friends and family and being creative. I dislike insincerity and wind and rain at the same time! I like to think I make choices based on what will make me happy without having a negative impact on others. What makes me light up? My husband, my neices, watching my garden grow.

    • Sevil

      I like ice cream, sunny days, helping other people, being creative. I love my family, directing the kids of a secondary school in their annual musical, make-up. I dislike dishonesty, shellfish, seeing people suffer. My choices are driven by a host of things, sometimes a lack of time, usually by whether or not the perceived outcome will make me happy. I light up when my mum has cooked, when my niece and nephew are singing, when the kids rock their performance, when the sun shines and I have time to enjoy it.

    • Necole

      I love to be part of advocacy for change particularly for human rights and women’s empowerment. I get great satisfaction from charity work. For personal fulfillment, yoga practice, my bike, my books and rage watching Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones with my son.

    • Morry

      Love time with the family. Have an eleven month old grand daughter and another grandchild on the way. Even love spending time with my grand dog! At work I enjoy a good day where I feel I’ve accomplished a good days work. May not always pay off but at least I feel productive.

    • George

      I like spending time with friends and family having parties. I also like fishing and hunting with friends and family. I have to say I used to be highly motivated by taking care of my family but after the loss of my son that motivation is not there anymore. I used to pay great attention to detail then take great pride in my work. These days I cannot find the motivation and it’s been like this for 4 years.

    • Diana

      What makes me light up? I love writing poetry and changing the lyrics to songs – especially for one-off, special occasions. I love public speaking – giving invocations, creatively introducing people and delivering keynote addresses. I love being a blessing to others, and the more I give, the more I receive. (I love that kind of math!) I can lose all track of time choosing just the right greeting cards for special occasions, and then decorating the envelope as a gift to the recipient. And when it’s time to recharge, I love listening to smooth jazz and enjoying quiet time.

    • Tom Dechenne

      The thing I like most, but that’s the hardest, is the effort of spending nearly all of my time doing something productive, and enjoyable, and NOT worrying about whether I get my preconceived notion of “things I have to get done” get in the way. That is the challenge. The BEST days are when the mix of fun (playing music, being with my family, exercising) PLUS getting a couple of positive responses to my work proposals/projects, etc. occur. Overall, BALANCE, is the key for me. (Thanks for nudging us to write back!)

      • Nancy Morris

        Yup, those are my best days too! Fortunately, they happen more frequently now than they did, say, 10 years ago.

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