Don’t have enough discipline? Well, I can guarantee you that, right now, you have all the discipline you need!

What might be a bit off, though, is where you’re directing it!

You put the same amount of discipline into staying stuck as you do to become free.

It takes just as much discipline to stay off a healthy eating plan as it does to stay on it.

You see, I rarely meet someone who actually needs “more” of a certain ability. What they need instead is to aim that ability in a different way.

At one time, that ability was probably pointed in a helpful direction. But now, at this time, the path isn’t matching the desired outcome anymore.

Action – So, if you feel lacking in discipline, start by redirecting the ability you already have instead of trying to get more of it. In doing so, you’ll find a new way!

    4 replies to "Want More Discipline?"

    • Mike

      So true. I use the word focus. Instead of focusing on the problem and letting it consume you, I like to focus on the solution to the problem and let that consume me until it is done.

      • Nancy

        Another great word !

    • Virginia

      Wonderful… I really like thinking in a more positive direction and this fits that direction by reminding me I am not lacking just need to redirect.

      • Nancy Morris

        Rarely is it about “lack”. More often than not, it is simply “direction”.

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