I want you to imagine that what I’m about to say is absolute truth. Suspend all of your disbeliefs to the contrary.

Your life – what you are experiencing right now – good, bad and ugly – is an extension of your thoughts.

Everything you have, don’t have, enjoy, despise, pursue, perceive, resist or accept are all directly related to your thoughts.

So, what are you thinking?

Is it negative, deadweight, old thinking? Or is it self-empowering, dynamic and creative?

Here’s how you can tell what you really think, underneath it all.

Have a look at how you are actually experiencing your life right now.

Is it bad, hard and frightening? Are you worried about money or your reputation? Do you think that you have no time for yourself or anyone else for that matter? Relaxation and inner peace – what are they?

If that is how your life is going, it is because your thoughts are taking you there. Period. There is no other significant reason.

Understanding this is fundamental to building the kind of life that you want.

And there is some great news here. You can change your thoughts and therefore change how you experience your life.

Action – Every day, monitor what you are thinking by writing down some of your experiences.

Now, don’t just pick the good ones! That will defeat the purpose of this exercise.

Write down some of the really negative things too. Here are some examples:

  • He doesn’t understand my situation
  • How could they treat me like that?
  • I can’t get all this done
  • He’s a jerk
  • She’s really unhelpful
  • I’m going to look like a fool if I do this
  • What if something goes wrong?

Now, challenge these thoughts. Are they actually true or is there another way of looking at something?

If you want to take charge of yourself, you must take charge of your thoughts.