I’m often asked “What is worry?”

Worry is an emotional and physical response to a mental perception.

It is always about a perceived future event.

We worry whether we can pay the bills or buy the groceries. We worry that our spouse will cheat or that we’ll get fired. We worry the kids will struggle or the world will end.

And all of these are caused by our mental creations.

You know what I mean – the scenarios we act out in our heads. “Well, if I don’t land this deal then I won’t get paid and we’ll have trouble paying the mortgage, then we’ll have an argument and blah blah blah blah.”

You don’t know if any of that is actually true. It’s just a film in your mind’s eye and you are the director.

This means you have the power to change the script.

How about this instead … “The client may choose a different vendor and if that happens, I will have an alternate plan in place. Though money may feel tight, we can find a solution together and not disrespect each other by fighting.”

Sound corny? I know many people who, if they choose to spend time with imagined scenarios of the future, only create positive, successful, solution-focused scripts.

Action – What have you been wasting time worried about recently? Take control by actually rewriting the script on a sheet of paper right now.

Worrying about some possible negative event doesn’t actually stop it from happening, but it does stop you from taking hold of present opportunities for success.

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