Several years ago, I stood at a microphone, in front of 800 people … and for a brief moment I thought I was going to die!

Although at that point I had already done public speaking for years, including live radio and television, the absolute feeling of terror was unlike anything I remember feeling before, or since. I was so nervous, I’m sure my eyes were rattling in my head!

When I shared my feelings later with friends who had been in the audience, they were shocked. Apparently, I had come across confident, poised and crystal clear.

In fact, someone commented that there was no way he could do what I had just done. To him, I had been fearless!

No one is truly fearless. We all have some level of fear. But someone is “courageous” when they act despite the fear. When they do something KNOWING there will be some anxiety.

I am not fearless. I know many of my fears quite well. And I also know that fear subsides as I face it. What 10 years ago felt impossible now feels exciting, simply because I know fear is lessened as action is increased.

Action – What’s one step, one action, you can take today that would help you dissipate a fear that has been holding you back? Take that action!

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